"Working with Christine is stepping into a Sacred time and space. From within the sphere of her cultivated wisdom and insight, my age-old anxieties and worries slip away. She empowers those that work with her to re-frame their lives with potency and joy.  In a sense, after a session with this amazing Healer, nothing has changed and yet everything is different."   Abigail Sullivan, DOM Santa Fe, New Mexico

“When I met Christine, I was in an intensely challenging time in my life. It felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I wanted a break, a way to have some energy to put into my passion...but life kept throwing me unexpected curve-balls. Christine appeared in my life with her energy, healing, and tools for inner transformation. I remembered that I could receive support and energy from the universe. My work with Christine was not always easy--sometimes we need to practice what we preach--but I learned how to attract my tribe with ease. Now, I have more energy to create, be present with my two children, and just generally enjoy life.”  Anya Hawkes, Master Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, UK

“Thank You so much. That was amazing. I am so filled with energy right now, and pure light. Thank You again.“ Reid, New Zealand

Before I met with Christine, I had questions I was seeking answers for. I learned quickly that a session with Christine is always unique. Her energy is light and playful. During my session I laughed. I received guidance and clarity. And I was able to shift energy into new opportunities. Working with Christine expanded my world. Tere Greenwald, Intuitive Astrologer & Conscious Channel Next Dimension Wellness, Sarasota, Florida